Aerial Construction Site Monitoring

Progress tracking like never before – so you can react in minutes, not months.
Visual Intelligence for General Contractors, taking field management to a whole new level

Effective Solutions to Tracking & Managing Progress


✔ MONITOR - View all activity, with daily automated reporting of equipment, sub/direct personnel and materials – compiled into functional analytics and dashboards synchronized to reports.
✔ COORDINATE - Power your meetings with AR-augmented video, BIM overlays linked to schedule elements, and livestreaming to remote staff through mobile app and PM software integrations.
✔ DE-RISK - Make your safety program proactive, not reactive: spot safety hazards before they become safety incidents, and flag violating behavior as it occurs to reduce accidents and WC.
✔ PRODUCE - Deliver faster by tracking and benchmarking output with granular precision – with predictive alerts of schedule and cost risk across any subcontractor, activity or timescale

How It Works


Aeromana provides the clearest global view of any outdoor jobsite – with no equipment retrofit or elevated structure required. With a monthly subscription and simple one-time setup fee, we equip your team with continuous site monitoring and unprecedented site awareness.

  • We place our fixed aerial camera on your worksite.
    Our patented data/power microtether transforms a drone
    into an on-site satellite – hovering all-day in a corner of the
    jobsite while uploading unobstructed overhead video.
  • We crunch the numbers and store data in our cloud.
    Our Visual Intelligence Engine extracts jobsite data with
    advanced algorithms and predictive modeling to build
    information dashboards, automated reports and more.
  • We livestream video and analytics securely to users.
    Customers access data via our web interface, our mobile
    apps, or direct integration with existing project management
    platforms including Procore, PlanGrid and others.

Whether driving leaner construction, reducing insurance, improving collaboration or maximizing productivity – our technology bridges the gap between the field and the office to empower you to do more.

construction site surveillance by drones

Construction sites we monitor increase productivity and reduce losses with timely notification of issues.

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