Persistent airborne solution for a myriad of situations, from aerial broadcasting to surveillance and industrial inspection


Unlimited autonomy for persistent, secure and high-speed transfer of airborne data

Tethered Drone Endurance

Where hovering devices are limited by their batteries’ endurance, we are providing users with tethered drone endurance solutions for Drones which extends airborne capabilities. Instead of the usual 15 minutes of flight duration, our power solution enables operations from a few hours to days.


Operating like a low-altitude satellite in hover, our thin-tether system not only sends power for propulsion and payload, but also offers the capability of transmitting high-resolution data from the drone to the ground at high speed and in a robust fashion. To compare, current 4k videos cannot be streamed wirelessly without compressing and downgrading data.


Our technology is therefore best suited for real-time aerial video streaming and situations where a secured data link is needed. Typical examples include event broadcasting, aerial surveillance, temporary communications, and high-volume industrial inspections.


Hovering using our tethered system also enhances flight safety, in line with FAA’s current regulations: the flight experience is simplified and the drone flies on a leash.